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Rejuvinate your home or business with quality pressure washing services. Six Solve provides commercial and residential power washing services in Round Rock, TX.

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Power Washing Experts In Round Rock, TX

Climates that stay relatively warm throughout the year support the accumulation of mold, algae, organic residue and pollutants on outdoor surfaces. This creates a dull, dingy, and dirty surface on concrete driveways, natural stone, limestone patios, and the outside of your home.

At Six Solve, we offer a range of services to help rejuvenate and clean your outdoor space. We clean homes and outdoor spaces in and around Round Rock, TX, using professional equipment that is both safe and effective.

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One of the differences you will find with our services at Six Solve is our commitment to caring for our customer's property. We carefully choose the correct cleaning method to avoid any damage to surfaces, and we even offer a satisfaction guarantee on all the work we complete.

Our team arrives on time to complete your driveway, patio, or house washing project. We discuss any concerns or questions you have, giving you complete peace of mind before we start the project.

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Concrete and many types of pavers can be easily cleaned with power washing, also known as pressure washing. Our team will adjust the pressure washing techniques to suit the specific type of surface. In additional to variable pressure options, we can adjust the temperature of the water. Hot water is important when cleaning contaminants such as oil and grease, and warm water can increase the performance of some chemicals. We also use a wide variety of professional detergents and chemicals to make your property as clean as possible.

Power washing can also be combined with different cleaners for specific types of house cleaning. Adding surfactants and cleaners reduces the amount of pressure needed, which is ideal for siding or painted surfaces.

For limestone cleaning, we use a soft washing technique. We use a detergent consisting of surfactants and bleach to detach the algae, mold, fungi, and dirt from the surface. We then use a low-pressure rinse to gently remove the cleaners and dirt. This ensures there is no damage to the limestone while leaving a surface that looks like new.

Six Solve is a member of Round Rock Chamber of Commerce.

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To find out more about our Six Solve power washing solutions for the exterior of your Round Rock, TX, home or business, call us at 512-991-3639 or drop us a message.

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