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Natural Stone Sealing Services

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We Seal All Types of Limestone Structures

Six Solve provides quality limestone sealing services to preserve the beauty of your limestone surfaces. We can seal various limestone structures including buildings, patios, walls, and landscaping. Six Solve uses very high-quality limestone sealants that will not change the appearance of your stone.

Benefits of Sealing Limestone

Limestone sealing serves two purposes. First, limestone sealing limits the amount of organic growth that grows within the limestone. Sealing the limestone limits water absorption which limits the ability for black and green algae to grow. While the wettest areas of limestone may still develop some organic growth after sealing, the organic growth is easier to clean from sealed limestone than unsealed limestone.

The second benefit of limestone sealing is protecting the structural integrity of the stone. Water penetration and freeze-thaw cycles can erode limestone and cause it to crack, chip, and crumble. While the sealant itself does not provide any structural integrity, limestone sealant supports the existing structure by limiting water penetration and absorption.

Natural Stone Sealing Services Before and After

How We Seal Limestone

Six Solve's technicians utilize sprayers and rollers to apply limestone sealant evenly and efficiently. Additionally, our technicians will thoroughly clean your stone prior to sealant application to ensure great stone appearance and strong sealant adhesion.

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