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Boat Detailing Services in Austin, Texas

Boat washing services in the Austin area

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Cleaning and Protection for Your Boat

We make your boat look great so you can enjoy your time on the water! Whether you need a one-time deep cleaning or recurring detailing services to keep your boat clean all year, Six Solve has a solution for you. Our services include:

Boat detailing services in the Austin area

Interior and Exterior Boat Washing and Waxing

We will wash all surfaces of your boat including the hull, vinyl seats, floors, glass, and storage compartments. After the boat wash is complete, we apply a polymer sealant to gel coat and painted surfaces to protect from oxidation and UV rays. Additionally, we apply a protectant to vinyl seats and trim.

Metal Polishing

Bright, shiny metal can really make your clean boat pop! We will polish the metal surfaces of your boat as a part of our complete detailing package.

Boat buffing and polishing services in the Austin area

Buffing, Polishing, and Wet Sanding

If your boat is looking dull and showing signs of oxidation, we can use buffing, polishing, or wet sanding techniques to restore your boat's shine. Buffing and polishing is sufficient to remove minor oxidation. If oxidation is more advance, wet sanding may be required prior to buffing and polishing for full gel coat restoration. After the final polished surface is achieved, a polymer sealant is applied to protect the newly restored finished.

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